My approach is scientifically informed…

The field of mental health has changed dramatically over the past decade as neuroscientists have learned how the human brain functions. Psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Dan Siegel has expanded upon these findings and launched the exciting and emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology. His work shapes my approach to counseling.

My knowledge of interpersonal neurobiology allows me to help clients gain a clearer understanding of their struggles. Often those struggles have been muddied by confusion, frustration, loneliness and shame. Interpersonal neurobiology provides a helpful road map as we explore the client’s experiences and together design a plan that will move the client towards greater health.

Most importantly, these scientific discoveries confirm that clients can be HOPEFUL in their pursuit of real and lasting change. We now know that the brain has an astounding ability to recover, change and heal. We can literally rewire important parts of the brain that control how our body regulates itself. We can learn how to access and balance our emotions. We can discover new ways to engage in relationships with others – and with ourselves. Hope permeates the counseling process, even down into the cellular design of your mind and its capacity for growth and healing.

…and spiritually connected

My approach to counseling is also rooted in my Christian faith, my understanding of Scripture, and my own personal desire to experience God more deeply. I believe that, when interpersonal neurobiology and the spiritual are integrated, a person becomes healthy and whole. I continue to work with my colleague and friend, Dr. Curt Thompson, to integrate the scientific and the spiritual. This integration leads to flourishing – in individuals, families, churches, businesses and communities.

I have a heart for working with people who are feeling disconnected from God or who have been overworked or wounded by the church. I am dedicated to integrating heartfelt pastoral care with the best that psychology and neuroscience have to offer. This integrated approach requires a deep regard and sensitivity for each client that can only come from extensive clinical experience and exemplary training.

Finally, while I will never impose my faith on my clients, I welcome the opportunity to walk with those who wrestle, wonder and thirst for more of God.