“Kristen Terry is an invaluable part of the core strength of our organization. Kristen’s services are embedded in our benefits package, our employee onboarding process, our operational rhythm, and even our annual staff retreat. Our work requires deep and routine exposure to some of the evils of mankind. Kristen is the one who stands guard over our team’s emotional wellbeing, helping us build and sustain balance, resilience, and healthy work habits, so that we can keep doing what we do effectively.”
          – Patrick Fleming, Chief Operating Officer, Heyrick Research

The fight against sex trafficking and child exploitation requires researching content that is highly graphic and grossly immoral. Other professions face similar work-related traumatic stress that can disrupt personal and interpersonal health. These staff members require specialized support to grow professionally and better understand how their work is affecting them personally and inter-personally.
I equip organizations with science-driven, trauma informed care that is essential for the long term health and retention of employees.

Services include:

  • Planned exposure to graphic content for new employees and interns
  • Policy development for best-practice standards and protocol
  • Confidential individual consultations
  • Pre- and post-deployment debriefs
  • Debriefs following a critical incident
  • Vicarious trauma trainings
  • Team strengthening trainings