Human beings long for connection.

When you are meaningfully connected with someone you can trust, you can afford to let yourself be fully known. There is a difference between knowing things and being known. I may know where you grew up or the ages of your children, but you were designed to be known on a much deeper level. Being known is life-giving. It requires trust and vulnerability. It doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it happens in moments of meaningful connection.

Our culture discourages being known. It affirms independence and self-sufficiency, especially when it comes to “private” problems and struggles. Yet we are wired for relationship, especially during trying times.

As a counselor, I offer you a confidential relationship in which you will be heard compassionately and skillfully. As you engage with me in this type of intentional relationship, your story will change. You will change. Your lonely parts will find comfort. Your worried parts will find reassurance. Your grief will be met with understanding. Your shame will be met with compassion. I will encourage you to persevere, to be brave, and to be patient with yourself as you grow. You will be known.