A Message about COVID-19

Our New Normal

I know that each day we wake up to news updates and an ever-growing list of changes we are making in our lives due to the COVID-19 virus. These changes can bring up a lot of fear, worry and even grief as plans are cancelled, in-person connection is dramatically reduced, and daily routines are completely shifted. I want to remain a place of support for you, should you need me. As it is with so much right now, these changes require us to practice being flexible and creative with how we take care of ourselves until we all get through this (and we will get through it!).

Beginning Monday, March 23, all our services have moved to either video or phone. I am happy to discuss the option that is best for you. Many people prefer video as we can see each other's faces and expressions. Research shows that virtual or phone sessions can still be a meaningful form of support, even though the ideal is always to share the same room. But as we know, this isn't always possible. For those who already receive services by way of technology, you can expect our rhythms to remain relatively the same.

For others, this will be a new way of connecting. You will need to find a space that is quiet and where you feel comfortable to share. This can be challenging when many of us are quarantined inside our homes with roommates and family members within earshot. I've had several meetings this week with folks who found the privacy they needed while sitting inside their parked car! Headsets also help with privacy and the reduction of noise and distraction, but aren't necessary.


If you had an in-office appointment on the books, let me know if your session time still works for you and whether you'd like to meet via video or phone. I will email instructions for video-conferencing. I recognize that your schedule may look differently than it did when we made the appointment.

I want to be as flexible as possible as I know this is a crucial time for all of us to maintain some sense of normalcy, to get support when we are isolated and to continue working on our mental and emotional well-being. Please know, I am also doing things to care for myself as well, so that I can be there for you fully. Thank God (truly) that I can still go outside without taking on additional risk. Being outside, looking for beauty and taking photos is especially soothing right now. Maybe you're finding nature to be a source of comfort too.

A Useful Resource

Lastly, I thought the World Health Organization did a nice job with the graphic they created entitled, "Coping with Stress During the 2019 nCoV Outbreak". You may view this graphic below or click here to open the World Health Organization COVID-19 Information Printable Download

Virtual hugs to all! Remember, I'm only a phone or video call away.