Counseling Process

Do you have questions about the counseling process? Maybe this will help.

You might be thinking, “Sure, I long for deep connection and for more joy, peace and relief. But HOW do I get there from here? I’ve been trying and nothing seems to work. It feels impossible.” When you make an appointment to see your doctor, you take a risk. You lay out your concerns and pains. You entrust them to a knowledgeable (and hopefully compassionate) physician. You aren’t expected to treat your medical problems on our own. You cooperate with the doctor. This is also true for therapy.

Clients start counseling because they are looking for a path forward.

The intensity of the distress that causes a person to seek professional help can vary. So can the reasons behind the struggle.
  • He routinely wakes up at 3 am and can’t go back to sleep.
  • She feels lonely in her marriage even though she married a good guy.
  • He is tired of holding in secrets.
  • Despite trying to control her temper, she keeps losing it.
  • He has stopped going to church because God appears to be indifferent and distant.
  • She adores her kids and works hard at being a mom, but lives with a chronic sense of not ever measuring up.
Counseling is designed to offer you a place of rest from the stress and responsibility of trying to treat your own symptoms. As we work together, you will gain insight and clarity and courage. You will learn how to heal.

Common Fears

  • “I’ll come to counseling but I’m not talking about my past. I want to move forward.”
  • “I would like some help, but I’m afraid if it doesn’t work I’ll lose all hope of ever feeling better.”
  • “I would start counseling but I don’t want to burden Kristen with my problems.”
  • “If I start counseling, I’ll be doing it forever. I’m always having problems.”
  • “Counseling is for people with really big problems. I shouldn’t need professional help.”
  • “My stuff is so bad, Kristen will be shocked or disgusted.”
Your fears about the counseling process are interfering with your path to healing. I’m happy to talk with you about these fears and answer any questions you have about the counseling process.